Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Anna Eshoo Town Hall - great event!

Anna Eshoo held a Town Hall in Campbell Saturday morning, March 4. She packed the Heritage Theater and an overflow room.

It was a really inspirational event! Anna opened by talking about the 3 top issues she’s fighting for – the Affordable Care Act, investigation into Russian ties to the election, and requiring elected officials to provide their tax returns. She’s got our back! The extensive Q&A that followed covered every political issue you can think of and then some. I like her style, she’s a straight shooter – she answers everyone’s questions directly and explains why and how she is fighting for us. She’s happy to take questions and is committed to responding to everyone (http://eshoo.house.gov/).

We’re lucky to have her as our Congresswoman representing the 18th Congressional District. Go Anna!

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