Friday, January 13, 2017

Protesters set to emerge as leaders in the anti-Trump resistance

From CNN...
I could not agree more!  Don't take this sitting on the sideline.  Get out and fight for what's important to you.
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4. The lesson: Protesters -- not a beleaguered Democratic minority -- are set to emerge as leaders in the anti-Trump resistance

The moment: The Sessions confirmation hearings, Day 1. While senators mostly treated Sessions with deference during what many had expected to be a fraught and tense confirmation hearing, Democrats were not nearly as vocal as the demonstrators that frequently interrupted the proceedings.

Protesters from a variety of grassroots progressive groups and larger liberal organizations were often the harshest voices in the room during Sessions' hearings. They rose at seemingly regular intervals to rail against the Alabama senator, who was denied a federal judgeship in 1986 amid allegations he made racist comments to a colleague. More recently, Sessions has emerged as a vocal backer of voter ID laws.
Activist Kai Newkirk, who was arrested during a sit-in at Sessions' office, told CNN Wednesday he was willing to be jailed because "Sessions' history and present positions make it undeniably clear that he cannot be entrusted to uphold equal justice, civil rights, or the right to vote."
Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee panel were mostly restrained in their questioning, with Minnesota's Al Franken the rare Sessions colleague to confront him over his past record -- deliberately overstated, Franken suggested -- as a civil rights proponent.
With their party set to turn over the White House, and already nearly powerless in Congress, Democrats sitting on Capitol Hill could soon take a backseat to progressives and allied groups planning to stand up to Trump with mass protests and direct actions.

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