Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Never assume an issue is "safe"

The below Mercury News Article reminded me that we can never take anything for granted with respect to our local politics.  We must continually show a strong front against the hateful and offensive rhetoric of the Trump campaign, and we can never assume that our voice will be the loudest in the room.

The great news is the Council did the right thing and passed the resolution making the County of Santa Clara a sanctuary county.    

The sad news is there are folks in our community that believe that profiling "undocumented immigrants or report them to the Federal Government for immigration enforcement” actually makes us a "safer and inclusive community"

We must stay active in our community every day.  Take nothing for granted.  Thank our elected officials who stand for human rights.  Convince folks that White Nationalism is not the path to prosperity.

I think I'll start by thanking my councilmembers who voted in favor of this resolution.

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